Nexus Repairs

Nexus mobile phones and tablets are rapidly becoming very popular due to their low cost and high performance. Its fair to say the likes of Apple are really loosing a large market share due to not having a low cost tablet or phone.

Just like any other phone or tablet they break if dropped and need repairing. Common nexus devices are the nexus 4, nexus 5, nexus 7 first generation and nexus 7 2nd generation. The most frequent part to break is the external screen. With all of the nexus mobile phone and tablets the external screen and digitizer is bonded to the LCD with LOCA glue which means even if you just smash your external screen the LCD has to be changed at the same time. This is a downside to these cheap phones and tablets as it makes the repair much more expensive. For example with the iPads the external screen is not bonded to the LCD making the repair cost half.

That said, for a repair technician being able to swap the lcd and external screen as a complete unit is very convenience as there is no consideration to keeping dust of finger prints from the inside of the screen to worry about. When repairing other tablets such as an ipad it is easy to get dust trapped under the screen which is a mess.

This is a image of a nexus 4 mobile phone.

nexus repairs
nexus 4 mobile phone

This phone made my LG for google has been one of the best sellers on the market and is very easy to repair and maintain. The SCREEN, LCD and FRAME can be bought as a single unit making a screen repair take 10 minutes once you know what your doing.

We have searched and the best place for Nexus repairs is Get it Repaired in Waterfoot. They have excellent reviews and the prices are very reasonable. So instead of risking a repair yourself and doing more damage it some times makes more sense just to send your phone off for repair and have the confidence it will be returned to you just like new!


Nexus Mobile Phone and Tablet Repair Information